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" Hello! its me " yes,Lurenda Featherstone
 and I teach the drum tech cource at FSM. Drum Tech is and innovative method designed to develop all of the skills needed for today's drumming.

All styles of playing are learned by attending drum clinic's and watching video's of variours players from around the world.

Our students working together, are trained to be creative drummers by learning the fundamentals of time playing, phrasing and comping behind a soloist.

It's a non-tension comprehensive percussion program with emphasis on recording, reading, rudiments, various styles, hand and feet, technique and grooves.

Test are conducted yearly for our students by trinity college of london-based on reading and performance grades from ( 1-8 ) future plans are on the way for classical and jazz studies on the vibaphone. Drum Tech is where our future 
Tony Williams, Billy Cobhams, Elvin Jones, Buddy Rich, Louis Belson will be born. 

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