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Our Mission

The Mission of Featherstone Music Instructional, Inc. is to give a complete musical education to children of all ages regardless of race, economic, or social background with concentration on children living in the urban community.

Students are taught all forms of music - Classical, Jazz, and World or Cultural - as well as Music Theory. Using these methods they are taught to appreciate and respect all aspects of music as well as the musicians who create it.

They are taught discipline through technical (classical) music and develop creativity through improvisation and jazz formats.

FSM Instructional, Inc believes that all children are talented and if given the opportunity, all can learn to play any given instrument. Some students of course learn quickly while others need more attention in order to tap into their natural abilities. 

 Instructional, Inc. also offers instrumental music instruction; however, concentration in the program is given to piano, drums, and vocal instruction.

Each student is instructed in the practical forms of their instrument of voice as well as in the theoretical grades of music. Students are also given the opportunity to learn many practical aspects of the music recording business.

This includes learning about writing, publishing, recording and marketing their own music.

Each student is expected to work hard and is rewarded by sharing their progress with others through performance at the annual spring recital. All students participate in the recital and receive certificates and various awards based on the student's progress through the year.

The teachers at FSM Instructional are trained in the "Bach to Blues".
This method was developed by Tegra Y. Featherstone. The teachers also follow the Trinity College of London syllabus for graded examinations held at Towson University. The examination includes extemporization or improvisation.

Finally, it is the policy of Featherstone Music Instructional, Inc. that all children be given the opportunity to learn an instrument well. However, urban public schools rarely have few (if any) resources for music education and instruction.

In the Baltimore Metropolitan area, the Peabody Conservatory and the School of the Arts are available, yet few urban families can afford the costly fees. Only 20% of those who apply are accepted to the Baltimore School of the Arts (a public school).

Therefore, urban youth are often disadvantaged in their music education. FSM Instructional, Inc. fills in the gaps in music education in the inner city with low rates and affordable tuition.

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